Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I write because I want to, not because I need to.

Gaoly Thao

The old fashion, paper and pen. Now as technology advances, more and more people prefer using computers for writing. I admit, it is a lot easier and quicker to write and send it to someone across the globe in a couple of minutes, but I like the feeling of using paper and pen for writing. Although, it might be a pain to rewrite it on Word document later, the feeling of the ink staining the paper excites me. Just being able to write down my own feelings into words for others to read is awesome. Maybe it’s just my artistic/creative side kicking in. I also love to draw using pencils on paper.  So that might explain it. I don’t know…

Don’t get me wrong. I do like using computers for writing, especially for academic reasons. However, if I don’t have access to a computer or my laptop, I’m screwed because I wouldn’t be able to write. So I don’t heavily rely on technology when I’m out and about. Plus, with computers, I have access to the Internet and that’s where I get nothing done because I’m too busy surfing the net. I try to set down strong morals when I write on computers. I tell myself, “No Internet until I finish the paper!” It works, but sometimes… it fails. Like when I decide to take a breather from writing. I get up, walk around, snack on junk food, and that’s when I hear the bing. Meaning I have a new e-mail.  I think, “Hey, I’m on break and it’s not gonna hurt to check my emails.” Wrong. It’s like a domino effect. Once I start checking, there’s a hyperlink in the email that takes you to a different. Then I begin to get sidetrack and end up not continuing writing until later… If I want to use my laptop for writing, I need to be in a place that has no Internet access. Or have nothing opened except the Word document. It usually works.

I just recently started to carry around a pocket notebook and I love it. Whenever I think of anything to continue my stories, I whip out my pocket notebook and jot it down. Plus, it’s great for when I want to doodle. Drawing helps give me ideas about writing and so does my interest in the Japanese culture.

I can’t always just sit down and begin writing. I usually need time and need to be in the mood to write. When I write, usually I write everything quickly and very sloppily too. I try not to stick to one sentence too long. If I stay on one sentence trying to correct it, I would get nowhere. So I write everything down and then go back in and start to correct it.

I’m more active and awake during the night than the day, so I usually start writing then.  It is not always this though. I’m not a vampire, but my sister states otherwise. I do write during the day. If I’m stuck inside a long car ride, I take out either my laptop or notebook and start writing.

Usually when I write, I have music playing in the background. I love all sorts of music, except heavy metal/screamo. Depending on what kind of music I listen to, it gives me different moods and gives me different ideas about writing. Music helps give me boost to writing.  If I listen to the same music that played when I wrote the story, I recall the story and begin to think about it more. Once I start thinking about the story, an idea come flying in and makes me want to continue writing.

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